Original Article

The AESTHETICS 2023; 4(1): 15-20

Published online April 30, 2023

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Retrospective Study of Horizontal Neckline Correction Using Absorbable Braided Polydioxanone Threads

Kyu-Ho Yi, MD, PhD1, Michael James Kim, MD2, Gee-Bum Kim, MD3, Min-Seung Kim, MD4, Hae-Won Jung, MD5, Jae-Bong Lee, MD6, Jung-Hyun Yoon, MD7, Wook Oh, MD8

1Maylin Clinic (Cheonho), Seoul, Korea
2Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre, Singapore
3Misogain Dermatology Clinic, Gimpo, Korea
4Inee Clinic, Seoul, Korea
5Aurum Clinic, Seoul, Korea
6Withone Dermatology Clinic, Seoul, Korea
7YonseifamsClinic, Seoul, Korea
8Maylin Clinic (The Hyundae), Seoul, Korea

Correspondence to: Wook Oh
Maylin Clinic (The Hyundae), Seoul 07335, Korea

Received: March 30, 2023; Accepted: April 15, 2023

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Background and Objectives
Horizontal neck lines are a common aesthetic problem but limited treatment options exist and not have been conducted study with polydioxanonebarbed thread. Polydioxanone-barbed threads introduced braided fine threads design, which works as a template for attraction of the regenerative factors and for cells’ migration and proliferation. The purpose of this study was to estimate the outcomes of simultaneous additional application of braided type polydioxanone-barbed threads.
Materials and Methods
The retrospective case series of 4 women (35, 42, 46, and 49 years old) from February 2022 to July 2022 included adult patients receiving polydioxanone- barbed thread to treat horizontal neck wrinkles. Patient were followed up after 8 weeks. Were analyzed and significant improvement in wrinkle intensity, as assessed by Horizontal Neck Wrinkle Severity Scale, was observed after 8 weeks.
The horizontal neck line were analyzed and had significant improvement in wrinkle intensity, as assessed by Horizontal Neck Wrinkle Severity Scale, was observed at week 8 and remained statistically significant. Patient GAIS (90- 100%) and physician GAIS (100%) were both excellent.
Subdermal treatment of polydioxanone-barbed threads of horizontal neck line is safe and effective for treating horizontal neck wrinkles with no Tyndall effect were observed.

Keywords: Thread lifting, Horizontal neckline, Skin rejuvenation, Polydioxanone, Neck wrinkle