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Original Article

The AESTHETICS 2020; 1(1): 17-21

Published online April 30, 2020

© Korean Association For Laser Dermatology And Trichology

Analysis of Side Effects from Cosmetic Procedures with Botulinum Toxin

Seung Min Oh, MD, MMBA1, Cheol Woo Lee, MD2, Soo Ik Lee, MD3, Bong Cheol Kim, MD4

1ON Clinic, Seoul, Korea
2MIZEYE Clinic, Seoul, Korea
3FORHAIR Clinic, Daegu, Korea
4Lamar Clinic, Isu branch, Seoul, Korea

Correspondence to: Bong Cheol Kim
Lamar Clinic, Seoul 07008, Korea

Received: March 24, 2020; Revised: April 10, 2020; Accepted: April 15, 2020

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non- Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Background and Objectives
The use of botulinum toxin in cosmetic procedures is widespread. While the side effects of the procedure and problems with resistance due to excessive use are being discussed, studies of clinical patterns of botulinum toxin use and side effects associated therewith are lacking.
Materials and Methods
In this study, clinical usage patterns for botulinum toxin were analyzed through a web-based, real-time survey conducted at the Korean Association for Laser Dermatology And Trichology Fall Academic Conference held in December 2018. A questionnaire was administered to assess different types and locations of side effects experienced and the frequencies thereof.
The most common side effects that the clinicians reportedly encountered during botulinum toxin treatment were bruising and Mephisto sign from overcorrection. The most common site of side effects was the upper part of the face.
This study highlights the need to raise awareness of the importance of education on the anatomy of the upper part of the face, where side effects for cosmetic procedures with botulinum toxin are most common, to reduce the possibility thereof.

Keywords: Web survey, Complication, Botulinum toxin, Side effect